Painting Company in Oliver

If you are looking for a painting company who can power wash, prime, and paint your property to perfection, look no further. Valleywide Painting Services is the full-service painting company with years of unmatched experience. Rest assured, we’ll bring out the best in your home. Call us at (250) 809-1779 today.


Home Painting Done Differently

We receive calls from homeowners every day. They want us to repaint their home, and that’s what we do—but that’s not even the half of it.

Before painting your home, we’ll prep it, prime it, repair plaster, and more. We’ll even install new drywall if necessary. Once your home is ready for paint, we’ll get the low fume “green” paints ready for the interiors. When the time comes to paint the exteriors, we’ll use quality weatherproof paint.

From the first coat of paint to the final walkthrough, we promise a customer experience like no other. Contact our team and see for yourself.   

Tell Our Painters What You Want

The secret to our success is simple, and we’ll tell it to anyone who asks: We give clients our undivided attention.

During your in-depth and zero-obligation consultation, we’ll listen to your hopes for the painting project. We’ll take note of everything you want, and we’ll let you know the possible approaches. If you want to repaint your home’s exterior, we’ll show you our selection of long-lasting weatherproof paints.

House Painting Services Galore

There are a lot of things that have to happen before we paint a room or entire home. These things might be as simple as laying drop cloths and moving furniture, or they might be more involved. We’ll do whatever needs to be done.

Some of our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Drywall repair
  • Epoxy coatings
  • Pressure washing
  • And more

Easy to Schedule Painting Contractors

Clients love our flexible scheduling options. Just tell us what your preferred times for a visit are, and we’ll schedule our visit accordingly. For some clients, this sort of customer service is a nice bonus. For others, it is a blessing.

Exceptional Exterior Painting: Weatherproof Your home

We’ll make sure your home’s exterior looks wonderful. We’ll also make sure that the paint lasts. When we handle your painting project, you’ll get the long-lasting results you deserve. 

Interior Painting: Bring Out the Best in Your Home

We’re the interior painters who think like interior decorators. With our low fume “green” paints, we’ll transform your home. As always, we’ll do it for an incredible rate, too.

Home Painting with Fast Turnarounds 

We give you the results you want while still respecting your deadlines. Count on us to always give you stylish results within a respectable timeframe.

 Schedule a Visit from Our Painting Company Today

Whether you’re looking to repaint your exterior brickwork and stairway or your interior walls, we can help you. We’ll transform your home with nothing more than a few coats of paint.

Schedule a visit from us by calling (250) 809-1779 today.