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Refinishing Kitchen Cupboards: Oliver, Summerland and Osoyoos

Refinishing Kitchen Cupboards SERVICES IN Oliver

The customers we have been working with lately have cupboards that are varnished and they want them painted a solid color. we help with color selection if necessary.

Here are the basic steps we take.

  1. We remove the doors and the hinges making sure to label the doors and hinges so they don"t get mixed up. We put them in plastic bags and label each bag.
  2. We wash the boxes with alcohol to remove any grease etc.
  3. We sand lightly then wipe down again to remove any dust.
  4. We then mask the ceiling, floors, walls and make sure no paint gets inside the cupboard.
  5. The boxes boxes can then be primed. We use an alykd primer that assures the paint will bond properly
  6. The next day we apply the first coat of finish coat then in an hour or so the second coat. The finish coat we use dries hard in an hour and is very resistant to scuffs and scrapes.

The cupboards are taken home and done in the same manner. We transport them very carefully. Then we bring them back and reassemble them.

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