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Exterior Painter

Make Your House Beautiful

The exterior of your house is the face you present to the world. You should be proud of it. Chipped, faded, or peeling paint is unappealing and embarrassing. It’s time you gave your house the treatment it deserves. An exterior paint job will restore your pride and make your house look new again. Leave it to Valleywide Painting Services. We’re a team of highly trained painting contractors with years of experience. We’ll use our knowledge and skills to make your house beautiful.

Best Local Painters

It’s hard to choose the right painting company for such an important job. After all, the outside of your house says a lot about you and your family. You want a company that understands how important it is—well that’s us. Valleywide Painting Services is a proud team of local painters with local values. We know what it means to be friendly neighbours. We’ll make your house beautiful and always respect your surrounding property; it’s the Valleywide Painting Services way.

Exterior Home Painting Done Right

Choosing the right color is hard enough. But painting your own house? That’s messy, difficult, costly, and time-consuming. It’s not a job for amateurs. Skip the hassle and hire Valleywide Painting Services. You won’t have to bother with purchasing or renting equipment. We use only the best quality paint, tools and equipment, and we’re always professional and efficient.


Your home exterior should look great and stand up to the weather. We’ll make sure your exterior paint lasts for years. The best way to do that is with quality paint designed to outlast snow, rain, and even extreme heat. As experts, we’re informed on all types of paints and how to apply them. We’ll consult with you on the best paints and finish for your house. We’re happy to answer any of your questions.

Great Work, Great Rates

The cost of painting your house exterior can vary depending on the size, materials, and construction of your home. We’ll offer you an estimate during a consultation, so we can go over the details before we start. We promise to give you great work at affordable rates.

Premium Exterior House Paint

We don't take any shortcuts with the paints we use. When it comes to achieving the best results with outdoor painting, we understand the importance of using high-quality paints from trusted brands. All of our products are designed for exterior use and will make a worthwhile investment in your property.

If you would like to learn more about the paints that we recommend, feel free to reach out to us and speak with one of our experts.

A Wide Variety of Amazing Colors

You will never feel limited by our impressive selection of exterior paints. Whether you want to match your existing tone or try something new, we guarantee we have a color that you will love. All of our colors will stay bright and vibrant for quite a long time, so you will never regret your decision to hire us.

Experienced House Painters

Our company is responsible for some of the finest exterior painting in the area, so you can feel confident anytime you hire us. We learn from every job and put our full effort into all of our projects, which has helped us maintain a consistent track record of great work. Don't take any chances with your exterior painting and trust it with a company known for top-notch results.

The Team for Big Jobs

Large and multi-level painting projects are no problem for our qualified team of painters. We have completed a variety of large-scale exterior painting jobs, making us an easy choice for your large project. If you would like to discuss our capabilities and learn more about how we can handle your painting, we invite you to get in touch with us.

Strong Attention to Detail

No matter the scale of the project, we know what separates good painting from great painting. Our focused team of painting contractors will strive for perfection with your building and take all of the necessary measures to ensure success.

Painting for a Variety of Surfaces

We can work with many different building materials, so there is a strong chance that we can paint the outside of your property. Whether you need brick painting, siding painting, or something else, you can guarantee that we are up to the task.

Commercial Exterior Painters

If you are looking to refresh the outside of your business, Valleywide Painting Services is the team for the job. We bring a lot of professional expertise to commercial projects, so we are confident that our services will be a worthwhile investment in your building. Join our many satisfied commercial clients and give us a chance for your next job.

Honest Prices on Exterior Painting

When it comes to getting a fair price on professional painting, you can't go wrong with our services. Not only do we provide upfront estimates, but we also have some of the best rates around. On top of that, we also regularly have cost-saving opportunities, so do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.

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