It’s not easy to choose the right paint colour for your home. You must choose this detail carefully because the colour you select will impact the aesthetic of the room and will also affect how you feel when you’re in the room. Colour has the power to set a mood and convey emotions, and it can even provoke a physiological reaction in people. 

There’s more to the colour selection process than just choosing a hue you think will look good. You must think about more than just looks and have to consider how you want to feel when you are inside the room and how you want others to feel as well. Do you want a space that is relaxing and calm? Do you want to create a space that is luxurious and sophisticated? Colour can help you achieve your desired feel and aesthetic, and you must select colours that match your personality. Your home is a representation of your taste and style, and the right paint colour will make a home feel like it is truly your space. 

The Psychology of Colors

  • Red. This is a great choice if you want your room to feel energized and ready for socializing. A red room can feel traditional, contemporary, rustic, romantic or timeless. You can paint a room red if you want the space to feel smaller and more intimate, or you can do a feature wall as a visual trick which can change the proportions of a room. 
  • Yellow. Want to feel happy and bright? Yellow has the power to evoke memory and imagination, and it can create feelings of warmth and fuzziness. Yellow can make you feel joyful and energetic, and if you don’t want intense brightness, you can choose more muted pastels and buttery shades. 
  • Green. This colour will help create a space that is peaceful and balanced. Green is calming because of its connection with nature and is also very soothing. It is associated with feelings of positive growth, renewal and good health. 
  • Blue. In today’s busy world, a blue room can be an oasis of calm. Blue is also known to be calming and will leave you feeling cool and collected. It is a versatile colour to work with and pairs well with other colours. 
  • Gray. Contrary to what many people believe, gray can be very calming and soothing if it is used properly in design. It can add an element of sophistication to any space and is the perfect backdrop for brighter colours because it is naturally more muted on its own and will make colourful elements pop!

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